How do Triled products work?

With the light bulbs, all you need to do to change the light is turn your home switch on and off.

If you have chosen the portable battery-powered model, you can select the light you want by tapping the sensor. 

The order of ignition is: warm light, mosquito light, cold light.

Do Triled products contain chemicals? 

Absolutely not! Our products are 100% chemical-free. Our lights are environmentally friendly and safe, they do not release chemicals or harmful substances. For this reason they are particularly suitable for babies, children or those suffering from respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Do Triled lights work during the day?

Triled products work best when away from other light sources: evening and night are the best times to take advantage of their repellent action. During the day you can use them indoors, for example at home, in a space not directly illuminated by the sun or a light source. 

I charged the portable light and a red light came on. Is that normal?

Yes. When you plug it in, a red light will signal you that the ball is recharging. When the charge is fully completed, a green light will light up. 

How does the repellent light work?

Through a specific colour code, the yellow repellent light influences the mosquito biting behaviour, making them harmless. 

We believe that every life has a value, even that of (often hated) mosquitoes: this is why our products do not kill them. You may still see them around you, but once they are exposed to mosquito light they will no longer have the urge to bite you.

Are Triled products also suitable for animals? 

Of course! Since they do not contain or release any kind of chemicals, Triled products are perfect for our four-legged friends. 

Are they also effective against

other types of insects?

The repellent action of our products is designed specifically for mosquitoes (of all types), but not for other types of insects. The special colour code inhibits the biting behaviour of mosquitoes, making them harmless. For other insects, such as horseflies and midges, we are working on specific products. Stay tuned!

The portable light is charging but the red light does not light up. Is that normal?

When the ball is completely empty, it may take a few minutes before the red light comes on. This is an internal battery protection system: to prevent overcharging, the charge is distributed more slowly. If after 15-20 minutes of charging, you still encounter problems, we will be happy to help you. 

Got more questions?

If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, write us in chat, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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